The United States Postal Service® has identified the following reasons for undeliverable mail:

   The First Line of the Address:

  • Address unkown to carrier.
  • Addressee temporarily away.
  • Addressee’s name misspelled.
  • Addressee’s Street Address Errors.
  • Missing address line or street name.
  • No such or incorrect number.
  • Missing house number/P.O. Box.

The Last Line of the Address:

  • Incorrect or missing ZIP Code®.

Other Reasons for Undeliverability:

  • Change of address on file.
  • Forward order expired.
  • Moved, left no address/box closed, left no order.
  • No such or incorrect apartment, suite, etc.
  • Missing or incorrect street directional or suffix.
  • No such rural route number/rural route box.
  • Rural route address change to city-type address.
  • Incorrect or missing city and/or state
  • Address vacant.
  • No label/illegible label.
  • No mail receptacle.

NCOA Processing is performed by a non-exclusive licensee of the United States Postal Service.